Making the Monster Book of Monsters!

DIY Monster Book of MonstersThis was such a fun project! It combined lots of various crafting techniques that all came together to create an awesome creation! I’ve been thinking about making one for a while and I finally did it!

Supplies Needed Include:

  • Cardboard (Mine was up-cycled from an Amazon box!)
  • Hot Glue ( Lots of it!)
  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Furry Brown Fabric (1/3 yard is more than enough)
  • Poly Fiber Fill
  • Brown paint (if desired)
  • Brown Vase Filler Stones x4 (rounded on one side and flat on the other)
  • Red and White Polymer Clay
  • Printouts of Title and Paper Edging (below)

Monster Book of Monsters Printable Paper Edging PrintableWatch the tutorial in my video!


13 thoughts on “Making the Monster Book of Monsters!

  1. cafeine says:

    Hey !

    I love your tutorial, and I followed it to make my own monster book of monsters ! I used a real book (with blank pages) instead of a box so it’s smaller than yours.

    Please, excuse my misspeaking since English is not my foreign language.

    You can see pictures bellow :

    Thank’s a lot !

  2. Addalie says:

    I had so much fun I may be nine but I LOVE Harry Potter so so much and this is a good thing to do if you have nothing to do. I’ll be tuning in for more Harry Potter stuff to do.Thanks.

  3. marliece says:

    My 10yo just completed her Monster Book of Monsters using your tutorial. She’d love to share a photo with you – what’s the best way to do that?

  4. Shelby S says:

    What’s type of fur do you use? Online at Jo-Ann’s I only see the mink in the brown but it doesn’t look as shaggy as yours

  5. feyza says:

    Hello! im in love with your monster book but i wonder where did u get furry fabric ? I’ll do it myself and i dont know where to find them.

  6. Katelyn says:

    I loved following your tutorial!! It’s so simple yet so realistic looking. I wish I knew how to show you pictures of the one I made. It turned out amazing! Thank you so much!

  7. PotterHead says:

    I made mine by following your tutorial. It is awesome! So is yours! I couldn’t find the brown vase filler stones so I painted googly eyes brown and put cat eyes. It turned out pretty well. Thanks for the tutorial, I loved it!!!!!

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